Green Alley Award: rewarding the most innovative circular start-ups

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The Green Alley Award is Europe’s first prize for start-ups active in the circular economy, launched in 2014 by the Landbell Group.

The initiative aims at supporting a climate-neutral circular economy by encouraging and promoting promising business ideas which apply new services, products and technologies to turn waste into resources and fight the abundance of plastic waste in our economy. It focuses on three specific areas of the circular economy: recycling, waste prevention and digital solutions.

The Green Alley Award targets European start-ups and young entrepreneurs who have developed their business models based on the digital circular economy, recycling and waste prevention. Applicants are shortlisted and the public votes to decide which ones will move forward to the final. The winner is selected by a panel of cicular economy experts. Prizewinners get EUR 25 000 and a broad professional network to help them keep advancing their businesses.

Main results
  • With the exception of 2020, the award has taken place every year with a growing number of applicants
  • The award encourages businesses to adopt good practices and to improve their circular activities
  • The award gives start-ups the chance to grow in their respective fields. Winners include examplary businesses such as Repack, Sulapack, Gelatex and in 2021, Traceless
  • The award raises awareness about the importance of circular economy practices