RePack's reusable and returnable packaging combines end-of-life guarantee with social economy

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Amsterdam, Hamburg, Helsinki, Salt Lake City
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Clémence / RePack

The reusable RePack bags are made from recycled materials. They are durable and will last a minimum of 20 cycles. They are suitable for goods that don't need protection during transport.

They are designed to fold into letter size when empty and are simply returned to a postbox, anywhere in the world, free of charge. No more packaging trash but instead a voucher for the consumer for every RePack order.

RePack is designed by Plan B From Outer Space Oy, a Finnish company focused on sustainable product and business model solutions. The bags come with an end-of-life guarantee as the company takes back all RePack packaging, guaranteed. Damaged packages are upcycled to new products or material is recycled.

Repack won the Nordic Environment Prize in 2017.

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RePack has got several environmental benefits compared to traditional single-use packaging: recycled materials used in the bags, 80 % less CO2 emissions produced, trash reduced. 

Repack bags are adjustable and take up minimal space when being transported, saving money and nature.

Packaging is no longer a cost for the sales companies. The easily implemented RePack is an option that the customers choose and pay for. RePack is delivered as a service.

The RePack bags are handled by Social workers association, employing people with disabilities and adding RePack a social sustainability aspect.