Green Serendipity: Renewable plastics for packaging and products

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Green Serendipity is an international consultancy firm which advises businesses on how to develop circular concepts and strategies for packaging and products. 

Green Serendipity developed the concept of a completely circular milk carton based on sugarcane polyethylene, a substance lauded by the United Nations for its sustainable characteristics. The challenge was to create a safe, food-approved, circular and lightweight milk carton that fits into the circular economy. The carton is completely recyclable. The biobased polyethylene is ISCC PLUS certified (a scheme certifying the sustainable production of agricultural feedstocks). The concept was created together with Farm Dairy and is available in the retail sector.

Last year, this milk carton won the runner up prize at the NL Packaging Awards for sustainability. Because of the use of biobased materials, there is no depletion of fossil resources.

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  • Green Serendipity has won several European Sustainability prizes for circular concepts and packaging design.
  • Their clients range from start-ups and brand owners to multi-nationals, from government and knowledge institutes to communication and media agencies, investment agencies and bankers.
  • Other available services include workshops, such as ‘Introduction to Bioplastics’ or ‘Circular Packaging’.