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Laundry by RacionaLUSO

 Local water recovery and reuse, Individual treatment of reuse water, EAS Projectos, Water reuse and energy recovery

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EAS projectos
Artur Danilo Souza Teixeira

This project seeks to solve the need to meet the European Union's water reuse targets by attacking average consumers (up to 45m3/day), such as laundries, gyms, clubs, hotels and industries.

RacionaLUSO offers a compact system that meets the recently-introduced Portuguese quality legislation for water reuse. With the availability of just 2m2, the system can treat 15m3 of water per day with a recovery efficiency of 80 % of water and 45.6 % of energy (thermal).

Projecto RacionaLUSO Laundry from Artur Danilo Teixeira on Vimeo.

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If RacionaLUSO manages to reach its commercial goal of installing its equipment in all 1650 laundries connected to franchises in Portugal, the consumption of treated water from the conventional system will be reduced by 24.750 m3 per day, and the operational costs of water and energy (gas or electricity) will possibly be lowered to 2/3.