Light as a service: green performance economy in Schiphol Airport

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Schiphol Airport

Under the name of "light as a service", Schiphol Airport pays for the light produced, while its two partners Philips and Cofely remain the owners of the lamps and fittings. This innovative type of relationship permits to ensure that the client (Schiphol) receives the necessary service (lighting) while ensuring that the physical support for the service is not simply discarded after a first usage.

These two companies worked together with Schiphol Airport to adapt the fittings of the lightning. The components of the lighting and the fittings can now be disassembled and replaced separately thus reducing maintenance cost. The life of the fittings is also extended by 75%. Moreover, lamps are collected for recycling purposes at the end of their service life and the complete fittings materials can be reused. This minimizes waste and reduces raw material consumption.

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Thanks to the "Light as a service" project, maintenance cost of Schipol airport Lounge 2 are declining, and the service life of the light fittings will increase by 75%.

Moreover, this project also limits raw material consumption, because every component can be or recycled or re-used at the end of its service life.