The never-ending life cycle of a cotton gauze grocery bag

Pelinku grocery bag
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This cotton gauze bag (without attached handles) is not only intended to replace traditional plastic bags, paper bags, and heavy cotton reusable bags for carrying grocery or other goods, but has several other practical uses in its home life cycle. For example, it can:

  1. replace paper towels for cleaning surfaces
  2. be used as a general cleaning cloth
  3. replace dishcloths
  4. be used for capturing solids, polishing, crafts, bundling herbs and spices, thickening yogurt, wrapping citrus fruits, etc.
  5. also be washed, and reused for all of the above, including as a grocery bag
  6. replace the reusable diaper inserts/pads.

The tiny air holes in the lower grade gauze fabric not only give it higher water-absorption properties, but also allow it to dry quickly, which makes it extremely hygienic and especially valuable for use in the kitchen. 

Due to its simple design, the gauze roll may be cut-fold and developed into a mass-produced single use bag in the exact location where the gauze fabric itself is also manufactured, thus avoiding additional transportation costs.

This invention intends to replace non-woven dishcloths and reduce the use of traditional paper-towels while bringing back to the kitchen a natural cotton cleaning cloth. 

For more information, consult the United States Patent describing the invention in detail.

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  • This life-cycle multifunction gauze bag will have an impact on the environment since it can replace the washable cotton napkins and reduce the use of traditional paper towels.
  • The cotton used as raw material can also eliminate the need for paper bags, thus reducing the need to cut trees for paper production.
  • It is also an environmental friendly alternative to plastic bags. The bag is made with the lightest cotton fabric available to date and weighs only 8,5 grammes. Its light weight will affect transportation costs.
  • As compared to paper bags, gauze bags - not vulnerable to wetness - entail lower production costs and show more resistance.