Niaga® designs out waste, completely

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Niaga® and its partner future-proof everyday products by making sure materials don’t have to end up as waste. Ever. Many products cannot be recycled because they are made from complex mixed materials that are costly or virtually impossible to separate out. Niaga designs products to be used again. It makes them healthier and recyclable.

So far, carpets, mattresses and furniture panels have been redesigned and developed together with partners, without compromising on performance. These products can be recognised by the bright orange Niaga® tag. Products that carry a Niaga® tag have been designed based on the principles of simplicity, clean materials and reversible connections. More product redesigns are under way.

Main results

By scanning the Niaga® tag, you can access a product passport to see exactly what a product is made of and how it can be returned. This helps recyclers and producers to keep valuable materials in the loop. The website shows which partners have launched products with the Niaga® tag in the market and where these can be bought.