'Own Less Live More' - just borrow from the 'fashion library'

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Lena is the first fashion library of the Netherlands, where you can borrow clothing with a subscription, or buy through the 'try-before-you-buy' principle. An endless wardrobe with the benefits of a fast changing wardrobe, placed in a sustainable context.

Lena focuses in the waste issue in the textile industry. This concept is designed in such a way clothing stays in the cycle longer instead of ending up being waste.

Lena also stimulate more conscious buying behaviour by offering the ‘try-before-you-buy’ system. More people shopping consciously and sharing their clothes means production numbers can go down and results in less use of scarce resourses.

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  • Lena extends the lifespan of clothing: the longer a garment lasts, the less greenhouse gas is released and valuable resources are wasted
  • Lena provides high quality items by setting restrictions. This results in a satisfied customer, less pressure in the chain, less waste and use of toxics, higher quality garments and the preservation of craftsmanship.