Paperchain: New market niches for the PPI waste in construction, mining and chemical sectors

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The overall objective of PAPERCHAIN is to deploy five novel circular economy models centred in the valorisation of the waste streams generated by the Pulp and Paper Industry (PPI) as secondary raw material for a number of resource intensive sectors: construction sector, mining sector and chemical industry.

PAPERCHAIN aims to unlock the potential of a resource efficient model based on industrial symbiosis which will demonstrate the potential of the major non-hazardous waste streams generated by the PPI (i.e. green liquor dregs, grits, lime mud, paper sludge fly ash, deinking paper and fibre sludge) as valuable secondary raw materials.

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The expected impacts of the solution developed by the project are related with the validation of the sustainability of the circular economy models, improving the efficient use of resources and reducing the generation of residual waste.

PAPERCHAIN circular model can bring benefits by the valorisation of the PPI industrial waste streams into each of the industrial sectors, promoving and creating new business opportunities for industries and SME in the EU.