PermaFungi - recycling coffee grounds into upcycled products

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Julien Jacquet - owner and CEO

PermaFungi is a pioneer project of underground urban agriculture and circular economy founded in Brussels in 2014. Our social cooperative recycles coffee grounds waste into different upcycled products: oyster mushrooms, chicory, innovative organic material and compost.

In order to maximise its impact, PermaFungi gives open-source training courses to other entrepreneurs, proposes visits of its factory and sells mushroom home-growing kits. PermaFungi’s global mission is to make our cities more resilient by: 1) upcycling waste; 2) producing healthy and organic food and sustainable products; 3) creating meaningful jobs for low skilled people; 4) promoting the local economy; and 5) becoming independent from fossil energy sources.

PermaFungi’s long-term vision is to create a decentralised network of factories in different cities.

Main results

Key figures since 2014:

  • 30 low-skilled or long-term unemployed people integrated into the project;
  • 155 tonnes of waste recycled;
  • 40 tonnes of local and organic food produced;
  • 60 open-source training courses organised for worldwide entrepreneurs;
  • 35 000 people with increased awareness, through visits or kits
  • 30 000 km travelled by bike! (to collect coffee grounds and make deliveries)