Preparing for a circular playground: a tender for creative spaces to play and learn in Aalborg

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As part of the Circular Public Procurement project, the City of Aalborg (Denmark) has established an innovative approach to buying playgrounds. This approach is based on circular economy principles and the understanding that creative play is an important part of a child’s development.

For more information on Aalborg's project, please click here.

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  • Aalborg has developed innovative circular award criteria, which encourage the use of natural features (such as small hills, trees and edible plants) and circular playground equipment (long-lasting, made with recycled materials, and recyclable at end-of- life).
  • Aalborg is piloting these criteria in a turnkey contract for the Stigsborg “Universe of Children and Youth”, part of a large new neighbourhood being built on former industrial land.
  • The build will be complete in 2024.
  • The ultimate intention is to roll this approach out across the city’s playgrounds. This will support Aalborg’s Vision for Municipal Schools, which aims to ensure that at least 25% of all learning processes should take place outside school (either physically or digitally).