ReBlend - a Social enterprise promoting circular economy for textiles

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ReBlend develops textiles and textile products made from textiles that otherwise would end up in incineration. Textiles made from recycled fibres offer a positive alternative for designers and companies. In collaboration with waste collectors, producers, designers, makers and visionaries, ReBlend organises a full supply chain from start to finish to accelerate a new ecosystem for circular textiles.

The company offers a whole lot of services ranging from the development of innovative textiles, circular clothing and accessories (including sampling and prototype development), to cooperation in co-creation processes and consultancy support in order to accelerate the transition to circular textiles (including circular business case development).

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  • ReBlend fabrics, made in partnership with Recover, Raymakers, Enschede Textielstad and Italdenim, was launched in 2019.
  • ReBlend is also collaborating with the Tropenmuseum in Amsterdam, the Afrikamuseum in Berg en Dal and the Museum Volkenkunde in Leiden (NL) to produce colourful shawls made of 70% textile waste and 30% recycled PET, inspired by the museums’ collections and mixed with cultural and artistic influences.
  • One kilogramme of ReBlend yarn saves 9 730 litres of water.
  • For more information about Reblend's projects, please click here.