reCIRCULARte: dusting off old furniture and objects to give them new life in a circular effort

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The project reCIRCULARte started in 2017: three unemployed persons decided to reuse, recover and restore second-hand material or objects, giving them new life.

According to one of the people directly involved in the project "it's this dusty furniture (...) that reCIRCULARte 'rescues' to give them a new opportunity... a new life... a new utility... And what for some is trash and worthless junk, to us it's an opportunity to 'recriar'... redecorate". Thanks to this project, the contact network of the three people has expanded, and so have their possibilities of getting jobs, thus creating the conditions for setting up a company of their own.

This project is aligned with the intended transition towards a more circular economy, replacing the end-of-life concept, present in the current linear economy, with new circular flows of reuse, restoration and renovation. It is an integrated process decoupling economic growth from increased consumption of resources.

Main results

So far, the following results have been achieved:

  • three unemployed people have found a job,
  • several renovation and restoration jobs have been carried out,
  • some pieces of furniture and other objects have been sold at fairs (online or through other networks)
  • some supplementary income has been generated.

Currently the project is being carried out in the framework of a local contract for social development (CLDS 4G) by the Social Centre of Ermesinde, which offers technical advice to the project and the people directly involved. 

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