Rediscover Paint collects unwanted paint and prepares it for reuse

Rediscover Paint
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The Rediscovery Centre is the National Centre for the Circular Economy in Ireland - a creative movement connecting people, ideas and resources to support greener low-carbon living. It brings together the skills and expertise of artists, scientists, designers and craftspeople united in a common purpose of sustainability.

Rediscover Paint is a paint reuse social enterprise based at the Rediscovery Centre in Ballymun, Dublin. It collects unwanted paint donated at local recycling centres, filters and remixes it to create new paint sold at the Rediscovery Centre’s Eco Store. The programme aims to divert reusable paint from disposal/incineration and provide affordable paint for reuse to the public and community organisations.

Rediscover Paint only stocks non-hazardous, water-based paints for internal use on walls and ceilings only. The new paint is in excellent condition and sold at a very affordable price.

With job training positions available to the long-term unemployed, Rediscover Paint is the only paint reuse social enterprise in Ireland and is looking to expand its role in preventing usable paint from incineration or disposal.

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  • Rediscover Paint has provided critical job and skill training to local residents, the vast majority of whom have gone on to full employment or further education.
  • It produces a range of different colours, which are especially good for schools, community groups and youth projects.
  • Between April 2018 and April 2019, Rediscover Paint diverted over 8,000 kg of paint from entering the waste stream and incineration.