Scan your rubbish on ECONIT to improve waste management and collection

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The mission of  JRK Waste management is to reduce the amount of mixed municipal waste, prevent its occurrence and increase sorting. In 2017, the company set up an intelligent data system ECONIT in the Prostřední Bečva municipality (Czech Republic), to reduce the high quantities of mixed municipal waste.

The programme asks residents to scan their rubbish with QR codes. Information on the quantity and types of waste produced is then used by the local waste management agencies to improve collection and recycling rates.

Main results

After some time: 

  • 12% more plastic
  • 73% more glass,
  • 90% more paper and
  • 1 860% more cardboard packaging were collected.

The municipality has calculated that the new system has

  • saved almost €13 000 and
  • reduced mixed waste by 31%.

Econit has been a success because in addition to the innovations, the municipality has introduced a new motivation system for residents. The money saved by the municipality was given to them in the form of a voucher. The monthly fees for garbage collection were also reduced.

Ever since, the JRK Waste management solutions have had a positive impact on over 500 000 inhabitants and the company is partner to more then 450 villages and towns in the Czech Republic, Slovak Republic and Hungary.