SEAclic: Resource-saving packaging for temperature-sensitive foods from Storopack

SEAclic bio-based application
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SEAclic is a project developed by the German family-run packaging company Storopack, which has created a packaging technology that is suitable for temperature-sensitive food products, such as fish. It is an efficient alternative to conventional EPS (Styrofoam) packaging.

The bio-based version of the Storopack SEAclic Box is made from a new, compostable plastic that is certified in accordance with EN 13432 and comprises a very high proportion of renewable raw materials. One key benefit of this organic version of the SEAclic Box is that after being used it can be industrially composted together with food waste, with no need for prior cleaning.

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SEAclic Box transport solutions are ideal for shipping fish and other fresh foods: they are lightweight but solid and ensure that the cold chain remains intact.

Thanks to a click mechanism, they can be securely closed without adhesive or strapping tape. This saves resources and eliminates waste.

The bio-based version of the Storopack SEAclic Box won the Ocean's Calling Award of the OceanWise project. Results include

  • Development of sustainable packaging technologies
  • Contribution to circular practices in the packaging sector.