ShareWear showed 340,000 consumers fashion can be borrowed, not only bought

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ShareWear collected items from Swedish fashion designers and created a common collection customers could not buy for money, only borrow. To borrow items from the collection, you had to be the first to tag yourself in Instagram photos of the item published by the current borrower. After borrowing the item you shared it forward to the first person that tagged themselves in your photo of the item.

By doing so, ShareWear raised awareness that consumers throw away old clothes even though they can be recycled, reused or repurposed, and that this has an negative impact on the environment.

The first items in ShareWear collection were created by some of Sweden’s most prominent fashions brands, such as Filippa K, Hope, House of Dagmar, NIKOLAJ d'ETOILES, Uniforms for the Dedicated, Weekday and Whyred. But everyone was encouraged contribute to the Sharewear movement by snapping a photo of the item they would like to share, uploading it to Instagram and using the #sharewear hashtag.

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  • ShareWear's first collection featured men's and women's clothing from seven internationally recognised Swedish designers.
  • The 29 items in the first collection were actively being shared on Instagram via #sharewear and reached 340,000 users.
  • ShareWear was featured in over 400 media articles.