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SNEW Telecom – Circular telecoms and IT equipment with a social heart

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Holland Circular Hotspot
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Refurbishing ICT equipment

Martijn van Engelen founded SNEW in 2013 because he believed that business had to be different and more sustainable. Years before that, the team started as a wholesaler of refurbished telecoms but, wanting to do better, circularity became SNEW's new business model.

ICT equipment is expensive. By working with SNEW, businesses get a fair share of their money back from all used equipment including outdated products. SNEW processes the used equipment and gives it a second life.

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  • SNEW has processed over 200 000 products, giving them a second life
  • Along the way, SNEW has built some great partnerships with NGOs, universities, governments and several key players in the ICT industry
  • SNEW won the Circular Award for the manufacturing industry in 2018.
  • SNEW is currently looking for new partnerships with European companies along the ICT chain.