Social Innovation Repair - Giving a second life to electrical and electronic appliances, the R.U.S.Z case

Reparatur- und Service-Zentrum R.U.S.Z / Repair and Service Centre R.U.S.Z
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Repair and Service Centre R.U.S.Z

R.U.S.Z is Austria’s biggest independent repair centre for electrical and electronic appliances for all kinds and brands and a centre of excellence for the fight against planned obsolescence, for consumer protection and social businesses. It provides repair services for household appliances, consumer electronics and IT. R.U.S.Z also founded the success story Repair Network Vienna with some 80 SME members. It was among the initiators of the Austrian umbrella organization RepaNet and its EU equivalent, RREUSE.

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Main results
  • Tuning of washing machines: in-house development for increasing the energy efficiency of older washing machines (WM) in use
  •  ONR 192102:2014: This internationally unique standard for household appliances and consumer electronics is the first benchmark for durability and includes guidelines for the construction of appliances that allow repair services at reasonable prices. This innovative Austrian standard is seen as a forerunner of the EU-Standardisation process (Mandate M/543 COMMISSION IMPLEMENTING DECISION) by the drafting team members in CEN-CENELEC JTC10).
  •  Product Service System Clean Laundry: WM-leasing model without the shift of ownership to the users
  •  Convenor of CEN-CLC JTC10/WG3 Reparability, Reusability and Upgradability