Thanks to smart design, Stella Soomlais' leather bags can be re-cut and re-made as smaller items

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Estonian leather goods maker Stella Soomlais has developed an approach to designing bags based on circular economy principles. Entitled Round 2, the concept involves using cutting patterns for leather bags into which other cutting patterns for smaller goods can be fitted. If an old leather bag is returned because it has become damaged or is no longer needed, it can then be easily reused to produce new leather products using those smaller cutting patterns. Such an approach allows leather from old products to be reused to the maximum.

Bags can also be rented for short periods – say a weekend - to try and get the feel of the bag before, eventually, buying it.

Stella Soomlais is a signatory of the 2020 Circular Fashion System Commitment.

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  • The company currently produces 2-4% leftover material. Its goal is to reach zero waste in production.
  • By 2020, circular design principles will be applied to 100% of its leather bags in order to remanufacture them after their first life.