Tradecowall: Upcycling mixed mineral construction and demolition waste

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The cooperative company Tradecowall manages construction and demolition waste in the Belgian Walloon region and comprises a network of companies working with inert waste recycling centres in the region.

Construction and demolition waste is usually a mix of concrete, brick and ceramic. The waste is received, crushed, washed and screened using innovative methods and sorting techniques, until it meets official standards for materials useable for backfill, roadside layers and construction. In this way, Tradecowall helps make the construction industry more circular, thus reducing its ecological footprint.

Tradecowall has been operating since 1991 and manages the partnership between the Walloon Construction Confederation, the Walloon Region, the Scientific and Technical Centre for Construction, the Road Research Centre and 160 companies in the construction sector in the Walloon region.

Main activity field
Main results
  • The finished product of this recycling process is 100% reusable.
  • Smaller particles are used to make concrete, replacing limited resources such as sand and gravel.
  • Around 75 people are employed in 15 sites across the Walloon region.