Triade Electronique: recycling WEEE

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Veolia has developed expertise and built specific facilities to tackle the complex process of treating, depolluting and dismantling Waste Electrical and Electronic Equipment (WEEE). This is a valuable source of recyclable raw materials: ferrous metals, plastics and precious metals can all be recovered and reused.

Triade Electronique, Veolia's specialised subsidiary based in Angers (France), processes up to 80 000 metric tonnes of WEEE each year. The site comprises processing lines for practically all kinds of WEEE and claims to be the most efficient facility in France. The Angers facility has developed innovative technologies and a process for recovering all plastics from WEEE, which represent 25% of the waste. Moreover, its fully automated process can separate more than 10 different polymers. This solution fosters the development of closed-loop recycling with plastic manufacturers, thereby reducing the need to extract oil.

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  • The Angers plant processes 80 000 metric tonnes of waste each year, recycling over 80% of it
  • Triade Electronique recovers all WEEE plastics and guarantees purity rates of over 99%
  • 88% recovery of screens
  • 71 297 metric tonnes of CO2 emissions avoided each year
  • 91% recovery from small appliances
  • 94% recovery from cooling appliances