Wallenius Water Innovation’s contribution to a circular economy: Using UV light to resist bacterial growth in metalworking fluids

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Wallenius Water Innovation is a Swedish clean-tech company that works with UV light to prevent bacterial growth in metalworking fluids. The non-toxic solution secures long-lasting process fluids without using hazardous biocides. In this way, fluids can more easily be reused in the installation rather than be disposed.

The company has successfully developed a non-toxic purification system called FluidWorker 100. The system controls and prevents bacterial growth by using UV light that destroys the DNA of the bacteria, and hinders its reproduction. The company provides an alternative to the often-used biocides, which are strong toxins that kill the micro-organisms in the fluid. However, biocides increase the risk of workers’ health by exposure through the skin and airways.

Over time, bacteria in the fluids become an issue for work environment and also productivity and cost. The result of fluid change outs and cleaning is wasted fluid and manual labour as well as machine downtime. Click here to learn more about how their products are used.

Main results

FluidWorker 100:

  • uses UV light to reduce bacterial growth in fluids, offering a different alternative to toxic and unhealthy biocides
  • improves the working environment and gives positive contribution to workers’ health
  • reduces the consumption and disposal of contaminated fluids, transport of these fluids and their waste disposal
  • creates a solution that can be used across several sectors