WaysTUP!: Transforming urban waste into valuable products

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The overall objective of the WaysTUP! project is to demonstrate the establishment of new value chains for urban bio-waste used in the production of high value purpose products, through a multi-stakeholder approach in line with circular economy.

The project will showcase a portfolio of new urban processes "from bio-waste to bio-based products" starting from different feedstocks, waste derived from municipal wastewater and waste treatment plants and sewage sludge. Pilot demonstrations will take place in several European cities.

The processes will result in the production of food and feed additives, flavours, insect protein, coffee oil, bio-ethanol, bio-solvents, polyxydroxyalkanoates, ethyl lactate, long chain dicarboxylic acid, bio-plastics and bio-char.

The new value chains will achieve improved citizens’ perception on urban bio-waste as a local resource, enable sustainable choices and consumer acceptance of urban bio-waste derived products, and thus increase their participation in separate collection schemes at municipality level. New profitable business models will be developed and policy changes promoted.

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WaysTUP! aims to:

  1. expand bio-mass feedstock
  2. demonstrate a spectrum of technological solutions for the use of urban bio-waste for the production of a portfolio of chemicals & materials capable to replace a considerable & wide range of non-renewable equivalents
  3. develop & implement a behavioural change with citizens & local communities
  4. define & setup business models and marketing concepts and prepare market entry of technological solutions successfully demonstrated during the project as well as end-products resulting from them
  5. provide guidance for city managers and local decision makers
  6. add value to urban bio-waste, thus expanding the potential feedstock for valuable bio-based products increasing investment in the development of sustainable cities.