Design4Circle: Circular Economy Design Training in the Textile, Fashion and Footwear Sectors

Design 4 Circle
Online Training
Raquel Ortega
Publication Date
January, 2021
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The Desig4Circle training course allows learners to understand the necessary shift in the textile industry towards a more sustainable Circular Economy approach and to acquire the necessary knowledge to transform their organization.

The course includes interactive materials such as videos, infographics, presentations, quizzes and additional readings to deepen your knowledge on different topics of interest:

M1. Introduction to Circular Economy

M2. Sustainability challenges in the textile and fashion industry

M3. Materials for a Circular Economy

M4. Design for a Circular Economy

M5. Manufacture for a Circular Economy

M6. Recycling technologies for a Circular Economy of textile and fashion industry

M7. Business management in a Circular Economy.