EuRIC - Plastic Recycling Factsheet

EuRIC Plastic Recycling Fact Sheet

EuRIC Plastic Recycling Factsheet
EuRIC - European Recycling Industries' Confederation
Publication Date
June, 2020
Language for original content
Alejandro Navazas
EuRIC General Contact

Plastics represent a serious waste-handling problem with only 10% of the plastic waste generated worldwide being recycled. Plastics recycling is instrumental to close the loop of the circular economy by re-introducing into the economy high-quality plastic recyclates incorporated into new products.

The brochure highlights the importance of moving towards a circular economy for plastics in Europe. It identifies the most commonly used types of plastics and describes the current state-of-play, challenges faced by the European mechanical plastics recycling industry and key recommendations for overcoming them. Plastics recycling’s environmental benefits and economic importance are also touched upon.