A Future-Proof Built Environment

Ben Kubbinga, Aglaia Fischer, Elisa Achterberg, Shyaam Ramkumar, Marc de Wit (Circle Economy)
Petran van Heel, Bram van Amerongen, Madeline Buijs, Hein Brekelmans (ABN AMRO)
Publication Date
December, 2017
Language for original content
Petran van Heel

The report highlights real-life and practical examples on how to rethink the way we create the built environment, one that currently uses 40% of all extracted minerals worldwide. It offers a systematic view of the sector and identifies clear levers for circular change. With learning by doing in mind, Circle Economy and ABN AMRO share the insights gained during the build of the first fully circular building in Amsterdam’s financial district: ABN AMRO’s Cirl pavilion. With this report, Circle Economy wants to highlight the possibilities in the built environment sector – with all positive economic, social and environmental consequences that a circular building and planning process entails. This report follows the launch of Circle Economy’s Circle Built Environment Programme, a new programme that builds on the expertise the organisation has gained over the last four years in identifying and implementing circular strategies across industries.