Guidelines on Pre- and Co-processing of Waste in Cement Production – Use of waste as alternative fuel and raw material

Pre- and Co-processing of Waste in Cement Production
S. Blume
M. Hinkel
D. Mutz
D. Hengevoss
Publication Date
January, 2020
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Different types of waste have been successfully co-processed as alternative fuels and raw materials (AFR) in cement kilns in Europe, Japan, USA, Canada and Australia since the beginning of the 1980s.

In 2006, the first edition of the GTZ-Holcim Guidelines on Co-processing Waste Materials in Cement Production was published (GIZ-Holcim, 2006), aiming to gather the lessons of these experiences and offer it particularly to low and middle income countries as an option to improve approaches to waste management. Since then, waste management has earned a much more prominent place on the political agenda.

This revised edition of the guidelines updates technical, institutional, legal and social aspects of the original document as well as incorporate new ideas and information.