INEC's White paper on Circular agricultural and agri-food systems

Livre blanc - Systèmes agricoles et agroalimentaires circulaires

Systèmes agricoles et agroalimentaires circulaires
Livre blanc
Institut National de l'Economie circulaire (INEC)
Groupe de Travail "Systèmes agricoles et agroalimentaires"
Publication Date
November, 2018
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The Institut national de l'Economie circulaire (France) has published a White paper on Circular agricultural and agri-food systems, which focuses on :

  • circular agricultural and agri-food systems: definitions, stock-taking and good practices, stakeholder awareness (consumers, professionals, decision-makers, distributors)
  • territorial ecology applied to agricultural and agri-food systems: synergies between enterprises, level of application, short agricultural and agri-food chains, urban and suburban farming
  • organic substances returning to the soil: identification of "brakes and levers" (societal acceptance, regulations, etc.), composting, methanation and other transformation techniques
  • appreciation of the eco-systemic services rendered.