Leveraging Circular Economy Innovation - Selected Case Studies from EIT Climate-KIC's City Loops Circular Innovation Programme

Leveraging Circular Economy Innovation

EIT Climate-KIC
Carolin Hendrys
Susanne Volz
Martin Stavenhagen
Raymond Slaughter
Dina Padalkina
Mariyana Hamanova
Leon Bucher
Shona McElroy
Jamie Brogan
Jana Nicolas
Publication Date
December, 2020
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Carolin Hendrys
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The intention of EIT Climate-KIC's City Loops Programme is to build circular capacity by addressing cross-sectoral collaboration on a system-level, and within an urban context. To achieve this, each of the five project partners - Circular Berlin, Edinburgh Centre for Carbon Innovation (ECCI), Provadis Hochschule (Frankfurt), Cleantech Bulgaria (Sophia) and Wuppertal Institute - held various workshops in 2020 implementing a 'Circularity Thinking Innovation Process'.

The following case studies give an overview of the different situations circular economy innovation tools can be applied to and the value it creates.