Resilience and the circular economy: Opportunities and risks

Resilience and the Circular Economy - Opportunities and Risks

Resilience and the circular economy
Joke Dufourmont (Circle Economy)
Natalia Papú Carrone (Circle Economy)
Laxmi Haigh (Circle Economy)
Publication Date
September, 2020
Ecuador, India
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Key Area

The report analyses the relationship between resilience and the circular economy.

It presents socio-ecological resilience mechanisms, with particular reference to the impacts of COVID-19.

It explores various relevant topics such as resource efficiency, shared resources, regenerative resources, decentralisation, skills transferability, lifelong learning, flexible labour contracts and the strengthening of the sociological foundation.

It also presents three case studies from the Netherlands, Ecuador and India, showing how local companies enhance resilience and reduce vulnerability in various sectors.

Lastly, it gives recommendations for educating stakeholders in how to improve and implement stronger circular economy strategies.