White paper - Durable and repairable products: 20 steps to a sustainable Europe

White paper
Adèle Chasson, Public Affairs Manager of HOP
Laetitia Vasseur, Co-Founder and Director of HOP
Alice Papillon, HOP
Ariane Jamin, HOP
Publication Date
November, 2020
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European consumers lack the means to improve the durability of their products. In addition to harming the environment by emitting CO2, extracting non-renewable resources unnecessarily and creating waste, premature obsolescence in all its forms affects citizens’ purchasing power, their right to repair and their freedom to make their products last longer.

This white paper aims to give all stakeholders suggestions and ideas to move towards a world in which repair and responsible consumption are the norm. This will necessarily imply new constraints on manufacturers, that can no longer make products without taking durability and repair into account. It will also require new tools to inform citizens so that they are empowered in their consumption choices.