Accelerating the transition towards a circular built environment

The event Accelerating the transition towards a circular built environment, held during the World Circular Economy Forum (WCEF2023), will put a spotlight on the CityLoops project – coordinated by ICLEI Europe – to examine the role of cities in the transition towards a circular economy. More specifically, this part of the event will present policy instruments to foster circularity in the construction sector, and the replication of successful initiatives.

The event is organised by the Circular Buildings Coalition (CBC), consisting of seven organisations working on the circular built environment.

In addition to sharing knowledge from CityLoops, the event will also present systemic challenges to accelerating the transition to a circular built environment, and will launch a new CBC report on the current state of the European built environment sector. It will include discussions on:

  • how to create a market for secondary materials,
  • direct financial flows to circular construction projects, and
  • emerging circular ownership business models.

Join the hybrid event online or in-person in ICLEI Member Helsinki (Finland).

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