Breeding Circular Entrepreneurship through Makerspaces: Success Stories and Lessons Learnt towards Scaling up

Makerspaces: Success Stories and Lessons Learnt towards Scaling up
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Thessaloniki, Piraeus, Venlo, Santander, Kaunas, Leuven, Istanbul and online!

During this event on 15 December 2022, six makerspaces and eight maker projects will share their success stories, showcasing their experience through the Pop-Machina Circular Maker Accelerator, providing valuable insights in the form of best practices, lessons learnt and recommendations.

The aim of the event is to inspire other municipalities, makerspaces, and makers to initiate their own circular entrepreneurship journey employing digital fabrication tools. Inspirational speakers and awards on the Pop-Machina Social Collaboration Platform will add to the event, offering an amazing experience for the attendees. See for more on the event page.

Equipping makers with the means to overcome challenges related to scalability, business models and tension between sharing and entrepreneurship is key to helping them find a route-to-market and raising the business potential of their circular ideas.

As such, the Pop-Machina consortium has designed the Pop-Machina Circular Maker Accelerator Programme, a 4-5 month acceleration process that empowers both makerspaces and makers to seek their entrepreneurship potential, by providing several business support services.

The Pop-Machina Circular Maker Accelerator has run its course within 2022 in seven municipalities - Istanbul (Turkey), Kaunas (Lithuania), Leuven (Belgium), Piraeus (Greece), Santander (Spain), Thessaloniki (Greece), and Venlo (The Netherlands) - effectively training 105 makers and further supporting 40 maker projects.

As the entrepreneurship journey continues, the Pop-Machina community wishes to share the first results of this journey while planning ahead for enabling new business opportunities.

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