Enhancing circularity and recycling in the construction sector

The construction sector needs to challenge its usual practices and innovate at a higher pace than ever before. For that, METABUILDING, an EU-funded H2020 project, has developed an innovation ecosystem that brings together stakeholders from construction and four emerging industrial sectors; recycling & circularity, additive manufacturing, nature-based solutions, and digital industry.

As part of the METABUILDING outreach activities and with the goal of fostering the cross-sectoral cooperation, a workshop will be held in Brussels on the circular economy & recycling practices in the building environment.

The objective of this event "Enhancing the circularity in the Construction Sector" on 26 April 2023 from 8:30 to 13:00 CEST is to:

  • Present the EU's Circular Economy Action Plan and the latest legislative developments to make the construction sector greener (including the revised EU Construction Products Regulation)
  • Present the METABUILDING platform: fostering new cross-sectoral, cross-border industrial value chains
  • Showcase successful collaborative projects and METABUILDING winners on the building & recycling sector
  • Discuss on the circularity and recycling challenge for the construction sector: state of play and future prospects.

This workshop will bring together stakeholders from the construction and the recycling sector, including industry associations, RTOs, policymakers, business, and SMEs.