The Italian Circular Economy Stakeholder Platform spells out its priorities for a post Covid-19 recovery

The Italian Circular Economy Stakeholder Platform (ICESP) was born in 2018 as the Italian mirror platform of the ECESP. It brings together initiatives, experiences, critical issues and perspectives that Italy wants and is able to represent in Europe, and promotes the “Italian way for circular economy”.

The 3rd ICESP annual conference on 11 December at 10:00-13:00 CET presents the priorities for a post-COVID-19 recovery, based on the circular economy (CE) as a lever for effective actions in a resilient process and in a recovery perspective. Priorities derive from the consultation of the main Italian stakeholders during the seven ICESP working groups' activities, with around 190 participants from public institutions (local and national), companies and trade associations, research organisations, and civil society.

ICESP aims at triggering, inspiring and supporting circular transition processes with maximum sharing among main stakeholders, in order to seize the opportunities and potentiality of CE, reap the desired benefits and overcome barriers by tackling needs through comparing and disseminating good practices.

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