Launching the Circular City Centre webinar series: The 15 steps to kick-start a city’s circular transition

Cities have great potential to be catalysts of impactful circular developments. Such developments can address many of the linear problems in EU cities today, and make cities more regenerative, resilient, clean and liveable. But what steps can cities take to support the practical transition towards a more circular economy?

In this series of webinars, representatives of the EIB will showcase the newly launched Circular City Centre (C3). This EIB and EU Commission initiative aims to support EU cities in their circular economy transition by sharing resources and practical information and raising awareness about relevant advisory and financing opportunities for circular projects).

The first C3 webinar, on Tuesday 1 February 2022 at 10.00 – 11.30 CET,  will present more about the C3 and what it will offer. More information can be found on the event webpage

Experts from Circle Economy will present a summary of the updated EIB guide The 15 Circular Steps for Cities to illustrate the main steps cities can take in their journey towards circularity. During the webinar, EIB experts will also present the Circular City Advisory programme offered through the C3, to help cities start formulating a circular strategy and advance their circular actions and projects.

Who is the webinar for? The webinar is aimed at city representatives and other stakeholders interested in fostering and accelerating the circular economy transition in cities. The webinar series is open to all who want to learn more about the different opportunities offered by the circular economy implemented in an urban context.