Let's get talking: Exploring social value in the circular transition, with Lakshmi Narayan

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RREUSE, the European network of social enterprises active in re-use, repair and recycling, is delighted to share with you an invitation to its second episode of the series Let's Get Talking. The webinar Exploring Social Value in the Circular Transition, with Lakshmi Narayan is taking place on 15 September at 11 a.m. (CEST).
The aim of this series is to address and explore social value within the circular transition, a topic RREUSE hopes to bring at the heart of discussions on circular policies and re-use/secondhand.

In this episode, Lakshmi Narayan will be joining from India to explore the social dimension generated within the waste collection practices conducted by waste pickers in Pune (Maharashtra). The discussion will address, among others, different interpretations of social value, the work behind the waste pickers union, the challenges and opportunities of this informal sector and the way forward in formalising and recognising such co-operatives.

The webinar will take approximately one hour, including a 30-45 min conversation followed by a 15-20 min Q&A from the floor.

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