New European Bauhaus Barriers

New European Bauhaus Barriers
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The New European Bauhaus is a way to implement the EU Green Deal with due regard for sustainability, inclusion and esthetics. However, red tape and legal obstacles will make success impossible. Therefore, companies in particular are being asked to brief the European Commission on obstacles as well as possible solutions at this event.

As the official Danish New European Bauhaus partner, the Confederation of Danish Industry (DI) will be communicating closely with the European Commission. On 29 June, they will be hosting the New European Bauhaus Barriers event which will be examining barriers, particularly those faced by SMEs when they transition to a sustainable or circular business. As the European Commission wants to engage with SMEs as well as the whole business environment, you will have the opportunity to highlight crucial barriers and identify solutions for overcoming unnecessary barriers.

The event will take a broader perspective by including European examples of companies and organisations experiencing barriers that hinder sustainable operation and transition. Besides signing up to and participating in the event, you can help with identifying and providing the right solutions by responding to the survey about barriers no later than 29 June. See the programme here.

Register by 28 June 2021.