Platform-driven transition: scaling circular solutions - a WCEF2024 accelerator session

Platform-driven transition: scaling circular solutions — a WCEF2024 Accelerator Session
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Brussels and online
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Platform business models
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Platform business models, exemplified by companies like Amazon, have disrupted industries and achieved global scale. This hybrid session (Brussels and online, on 17 April at 10:45–12:00 CEST) will discuss how these models, typically serving linear economies, can also promote circular and collaborative business models. 

Participants will be able to explore how circular platforms, influenced by policies, technologies and trends, can drive the circular economy's growth.

The main topic on the agenda will be a discussion on the policy trends for platforms and the circular economy, answering questions like:

  • What are the benefits of circular platforms?
  • How to create, stimulate and scale markets for circularity?
  • What challenges/opportunities are there for circular platforms?

The session will be moderated by Peter Evans, ETIN member and Chief Strategy Officer at McFadyen, with:

  • Paola Migliorini, Deputy Head of Unit, DG Environment, European Commission
  • Chris Cui, Global ESG Lead, Intelligent Device Group, Lenovo
  • Tuomo Laine, CEO, Twice Commerce

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This is part of the World Circular Economy Forum 2024's hybrid Nordic Stage, which will feature a wide range of accelerator sessions.