Research advances on circular economy: Sustainable material selection and rebound effects

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Despite growing efforts by political bodies, companies and researchers to support the transition towards a more sustainable and circular economy, we are still behind schedule.

The seminar (online and in person) organised by the University of Brescia (Italy) on 17 October at 15:00 CEST will address the following challenges that are slowing down this transition:

  • the need for quantitative but easy-to-handle methods to support decision-making in the product design phase, particularly concerning material selection for sustainability,
  • the potential rebound effects that undercut the expected sustainability gains of moves towards circularity.


  • Introduction - Nicola Saccani, RISE Lab, University of Brescia
  • Escape tool for sustainability evaluation to support decision-making in the product design phase - Elza Bontempi, Chemistry for Technologies Lab, University of Brescia
  • To what extent are circularity initiatives leading to enhanced sustainability performance? - Daniela Pigosso, Technical University of Denmark
  • Q&A and discussion


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