Transition towards blue and green economies in the Mediterranean

The Blue Growth and Green Growth communities of the Interreg Mediterranean programme will host a joint conference on 19-20 September at the Committee of the Regions in Brussels. This event aims to raise awareness on how the integration of both Blue and Green economies can support a more sustainable development of the Mediterranean. The communities will also share results, knowledge and best practice to jointly develop policy recommendations.

While the first day will feature some discussion of the circular economy within a wider green growth framework, the Green Growth community bridging workshops on the second day (20 September) will be dedicated to:

  • Recommendations for a green & circular economy (with contribution from the ECESP)
  • Actions to stimulate the transition towards a circular economy?

These workshops also serve to highlight some of the circular innovations in the Interreg Green Growth community, a network of 14 projects, whose representatives will participate to share their experiences, inform policymaking and inspire other stakeholders.

To register and view the full programme, visit the conference webpage here.