CE100 Acceleration Workshop held in Catalonia

10 May 2019
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The Ellen MacArthur Foundation launched its Circular Economy 100 (CE100) programme in 2013 and includes city and government authorities, universities, and companies.

The CE100 programme focuses on maintaining the utility and value of products and materials at all times, in contrast with the standard “take, make, dispose” model. 

The CE100 convenes businesses, innovators, cities and governments, universities, and thought leaders at local Acceleration Workshops held four times a year across Europe and North America. Acceleration Workshops provide a pre-competitive space to share knowledge and advance individual agendas. These immersive events are a chance to learn from expert input, build new relationships, and progress collective approaches.

The May 2019 CE100 Acceleration Workshop was held in Catalonia including the following sessions:

  •  Plenary 1- Business Model Design - What role does Product-as-a-Service play in the transition to a circular economy?
  •  Plenary 2 - Procurement and Value Chain Engagement - How are corporations redesigning existing procurement systems to engage and challenge their supply chains to support their efforts to meet circular economy goals?


Members pitched their collaboration opportunity to the network.  Successful pitches turn into formal collaboration projects (co.projects) which the Foundation endorse and support. 

Success stories of co.projects to date were then highlighted to the network: 

    • Project Ceres - Promoting organic waste collection by making available compostable fruit and vegetable of 100% city retailers. 
    • #BetterThanNew - the role and opportunity of remanufacturing:
    • Mass Balance - Unlocking potential of chemically recycled raw materials through standard setting collaboration: