Legal and economic barriers to food loss and food waste prevention: a survey by FOODRUS

24 Mar 2022
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The FOODRUS project has launched a survey on the identification of legal, economic, technical and system barriers to food loss and food waste prevention. The survey targets all actors in the food value chain, from farm to fork. Civil society organisations and policy makers engaged in food loss and food waste prevention measures are also welcome to participate.

The survey aims to engage food value chain actors in the identification of the most common limiting factors generating food loss and food waste across Europe. It does so by assessing barriers on multiple levels, looking at legal and economic factors, as well as technical, behavioural and wider system constraints.

The survey's findings will be available on the FOODRUS website. They will be used to assess common limiting factors across the food value chain and to formulate recommendations by national and EU policy makers to resolve these barriers.

This survey has been prepared by ACR+, a partner of the FOODRUS project.