Looking for low-waste and sustainable gift ideas?

15 Dec 2021
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While gift-giving at this festive time of year is a tradition that dates back centuries, many of the products we give to each other contribute to the waste generated during the holiday period. So how can you find gifts that are thoughtful and personal, while at the same time being good for the environment?

Here you'll find some top gift ideas, but... spoiler alert... None of them involves buying anything new!

  1. Offer an unforgettable experience – that doesn’t cost the Earth
  2. Don’t put a tree in your living room – plant one outside instead
  3. Focus on pre-loved presents. Great examples of circular business models and gifts are available on the European Circular Economy Stakeholder Platform!
  4. Breathe new life into worn-out or damaged items
  5. Give the gift of action through a Climate Pact pledge.

Enjoy your End-of-the-Year festivities!