Circular Economy roadmap of France: 50 measures for a 100% circular economy

French circular economy roadmap

Publication Date
April, 2018
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Sylvain Chevassus

The transition towards a circular economy is a key project of the ecological and social transition. The linear model — producing, consuming, discarding — is inevitably leading towards the depletion of the planet's resources.

We must move towards a different type of economy, where we consume in moderation, products have a longer lifetime, we limit waste, and we are able to transform waste into new resources.

This transition is a genuine societal project whose aim is to move away from the throw-away society. It invites us to change the way we lead our lives and to invent new and more sustainable production and consumption methods. The French roadmap includes four key priority areas: better production, better consumption, better waste management, and engaging all stakeholders.