Greece's Action Plan on Circular Economy

National Circular Economy Strategy Greece

Publication Date
February, 2018
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Vasileios Liogkas

Greece's Governmental Economic Policy Council endorsed a National Action Plan on Circular Economy (CE) in early 2018 to set the country on a path towards the long-term adoption of CE principles. This supports Greece's economic strategy in its key quest to green the economy in a way that creates jobs, especially for women and youth, and long-term equitable and inclusive growth based on resource efficiency, promotion of SMEs, innovation and investment in new technologies, and boosting of the “social economy” potential.

The long-term (2030) goals of the Action Plan are:

  • preventing waste and improving recycling
  • promoting industrial symbiosis
  • supporting circular consumption patterns
  • enhancing multi-stakeholder partnerships
  • monitoring progress towards a CE model through SMART indicators