Procurement Strategies - Integrating Reuse in Large-Scale Projects and Public Procurements

Reuse Toolkit - Procurement Strategies

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This guide is intended primarily for building owners. It presents several routes for integrating the principles of reusing building materials in construction and renovation projects.

The proposed strategies are adapted to the development of public building projects and are in line with public procurement regulations. However, the general principles described are also applicable to private and smaller scale projects. The main principles can also be transposed to other types of work such as public space developments and landscape infrastructure.

There are three sections:

1. The first section establishes different ways of formulating a reuse objective - an important and preliminary step whatever the subsequent route.

2. The second section offers a step-by-step presentation of different routes. These correspond to different cases and strategies, with each step being detailed.

3. The guide is completed by a collection of appendices where some questions and concepts are explained more thoroughly.

This guide is one of the outcomes delivered by the partners of the Interreg NWE project Facilitating the Circulation of Reclaimed Building Elements (FCRBE).