MagicPallet: the world's first online collaborative solution dedicated to the exchange of reusable pallets

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MagicPallet aims to put an end to an economic and ecological aberration. Road freight transport companies across Europe have to return Euro pallets to shippers after delivery. In order to do so, they travel long distances to bring back the empty pallets. This means useless and expensive kilometers generating CO2 emissions. This also means thousands of new pallets having to be bought if shippers do not get their pallets back in time.

With MagicPallet, road freight transport companies and shippers can exchange pallets in two mouse clicks. A company has pallets stocks where another company has to return pallets and vice versa: they can now swap.

MagicPallet reduces costs (less fuel, toll charges...) and CO2 emissions, but also encourages the use and re-use of a reusable and reparable pallet: the European pallet versus single-use pallets or plastic pallets.

The potential of CO2 reduction is huge in Europe: over 5 million tons of CO2 not discharged in the atmosphere.


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Within the first year of activity: 

  • 182 836 kilometers saved
  • EUR 210 261 saved (fuel, toll charges, staff...) by carriers
  • 159 tons of CO2 not discharged in the atmosphere
  • 210 000 pallets exchanged
  • improved business relation between carriers and shippers.