Recycling is easy in Italy: Just a click away with Junker

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Junker App

The Junker app is useful for two fundamental reasons: firstly, because of the EU Circular Economy Action Plan which aims to make Europe's economy more sustainable, and secondly, because waste management is so complex. People aren't sure how to sort packaging materials correctly and this can affect the quality of separate waste collection, which is crucial for getting better quality secondary raw materials which are vital for EU countries.

The Junker app is a perfect solution: users see how to sort all types of packaging correctly just by scanning the product’s barcode. The app identifies the product and provides information for disposal which is in line with local rules on waste sorting. The app tells users what the product is made of and which bin they should put it in, as well as providing schedules for door-to-door collection and maps of collection, reuse and sharing points.

Municipalities and waste disposal companies can join Junker by paying an annual fee, enabling individuals to download and use it free of charge. The social, economic and environmental benefits are obvious: people stop making mistakes when they sort waste, the quality of separate waste collection goes up, and the negative impact on the environment goes down.

The app is available in Italy and some municipalities in Switzerland, and has been translated into 10 languages, so that even tourists and foreign workers can use it. Users just need to change their location in order to get the updated information for their current location.


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  • More than 1100 Italian municipalities, managing over 15 million inhabitants, have joined Junker, giving them a powerful communication tool to interact with residents about topics like waste sorting and waste management.
  • Junker helps improve the quality of separate waste collection and reduce the amount of residual waste produced by households, which drives down the CO2 emissions produced by this waste fraction. What's more, municipalities and waste disposal companies can earn more by selling waste fractions if they are clean and of better quality.
  • Municipalities' rate of renewal of annual subscriptions is close to 100%.